About Us

My name is John P. Hardcastle, and I serve as webmaster for this site. I am an amateur family history researcher, and I have studied Hardcastle family history as a hobby since 1991. Focus of this site is on the descendants of William Hardcastle, who was born in Virginia, likely in 1714, and who left a Will in North Carolina in 1777. I am a great-great-great-great grandson of William Hardcastle.

I am retired from the insurance industry, and live in Arkansas. In the course of my family history studies I became interested in establishing a website for my branch of the Hardcastle family. I am not an expert genealogist, and my exposure to web development has been minimal. Despite these hurdles, in 2005 I established a website titled "The Hardcastle Family of Central Arkansas". Focus of that website was on my great-grandfather, Dr. John Hardcastle. Nearly all Hardcastles in central Arkansas can trace their roots back to him. Response to the website has been rewarding, so in 2009 I began a quest to expand and upgrade the site.

I consulted with my eldest son, Jeffrey P. Hardcastle, who has a wealth of experience managing databases and developing web based applications. He had acquired the rights to the web domain HardcastleFamily.Com, and he encouraged me to use that domain for Hardcastle family history purposes. We moved the existing site "The Hardcastle Family of Central Arkansas" to the new domain and began construction of the new website which we titled The Hardcastle Family In America. We have used our spare time to develop the site structure and digitize and input data.

Our vision was to include all branches of the family that had a connection back to William Hardcastle (1714). Further, we wanted to be able to display actual data on the screen, such as census records, tombstone and other photos, obituaries and any other data type relevant to documentation of family history. The digital age in which we live lends itself perfectly for preserving this type family history information. Much has been lost in the past, but we can start now to preserve this precious information for future generations.

With the website now in production, we have accomplished our initial goals. Most of the information in my files has been digitized and is available for your use. The site is structured so that I can easily add significant amounts of data. I regularly add individuals and data to the site. I encourage other members of the family to honor their ancestors by furnishing photographs or other documents for display on the site. Please refer to the News link for current Hardcastle family news and details of additions to the site.

If you are new to Hardcastle family history research or are having difficulty locating your ancestors, please send me an E-Mail. I can usually guide you in the right direction if you can name one of your ancestors who was born prior to 1930. I'll be happy to try to help you.

We hope you enjoy! Come back often for updates. Please send us your comments or suggestions.

John P. Hardcastle