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Beginning Blog - What this blog is all about
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I created this blog as a forum for people to interact about Hardcastle family history.  There are many other surnames related to the Hardcastle name through marriages.  We will include those for discussion as they relate to the Hardcastle name.  Some of the surnames included are:

Black  -  Dillon  -  Harbour  -  Finton  -  Hogan  -  Lewis  -  Lyons  -  Reed  -  Shubert  -  Weeks, and many others.  For a complete listing of related surnames currently in our database, please go to my website and click on "Related Surnames" in the "Names" menu on the Home page.

Primary purpose of this blog is  to promote my website http://www.hardcastlefamily.com/.  The blog is a place where persons interested in Hardcastle family history can exchange information and get questions answered concerning their family's history.

I will also use it to make announcements about significant family history events.  I also plan to detail some of the unique experiences I've had over the years in researching our family's history.

Nearly all Hardcastles born in southern states can trace their lineage to William Hardcastle, who was born in Virginia, likely in 1714.  He moved to North Carolina about 1750.  His descendants spread to many states.  My ancestors came to Arkansas about 1830.

I encourage people who are interested in Hardcastle family history to participate in this blog.  Post questions about your ancestry, or answer questions that others have posted.

Check back often as I will be making regular updates to the blog.  Also, check out our Facebook page for other opportunities for interaction.

John P. Hardcastle

dehacker said ....

I like what you've done with the blog, keep up the good work!

Sunday, 18 September 2011 9:46:58 PM